About The Founders

Nate Armstrong

Co-Founder & Investor Relations of HomeInvest

homeinvest nate armstrong

Nate Armstrong is the Co-Founder as well as Investor Relations Chair for Home Invest. As a graduate of Saint John’s University, a private university in Minnesota, he embarked on his professional journey after the completion of his post-secondary education. While working at Home Invest, he was responsible for successfully purchasing, assigning, and selling over 1,000 properties. In addition to this accomplishment, he oversaw $10 million in renovation projects.

Aside from securing these projects and properties, he is also a real estate mentor as well as national speaker. Furthermore, he believes that being successful is more than just personal achievements. He believes that being successful is about helping others achieve success.

In his personal life, Nate Armstrong enjoys spending time with his wife and four-year-old-son. They take joy in partaking in morning exercises. On weekends, he and his family enjoy camping, playing tennis, and going for runs.

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Dragan Berger

Founder & Owner of HomeInvest

dragan berger homeinvest home invest ownerAfter building a Century 21 Franchise into a successful Master Franchise in Europe, our CEO and Co-Founder Dragan Berger started investing in passive income properties, also known as rental homes, in the United States. By doing this, he realized how inefficient and broken the old process was for most investors.

He further asked the question, “Who wants a second job babysitting properties?” He knew most people did not want to invest all of their hard-earned dollars only to end up having to find and coordinate contractors. Nor did they want other service providers creating a second job working on their own investment property. He set out on a mission to make investing from any part of the world enjoyable.

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